DLP solution


The system provides total control and possibility to administer every user’s rights to access the information in the corporate network.
Developed application is the most effective tool for the users’ rights determination, analysis and demonstration in the corporate networks. Thus, it eliminates a possibility of unauthorized access to the information. Developed application gives an irrefragable answer to the question: “to WHAT information resources a user has access and WHO is this user?”
Technical specification:
     –         supported OS versions: Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2;
     –         supported DB management systems: MS SQL Server 2008 and later;
     –         scanning objects: Active Directory objects, File System objects;
     –         supported user types: Local and Domain;
     –         trusted Domains support: Yes;
     –         scanning NAS devices: Yes.
System installation
The system is installed at the domain controllers and file servers. The system requires MS SQL Server, which is supposed to store the system data.


Analysis, research and consulting on one or all of the following aspects:
      –        functional;
      –        technical.
Requirement gathering
Technical architecture design
User interface design
Project management
Bug fixing
Implement Unit Tests
Software deployment, installation and configuration
Application maintenance
Application support
Required specific software installation and configuration
Conference call with CLIENT personnel


.NET 3.5, C#, C++, Silverlight 3, Web Services, MS SQL 2005, MS IIS, MSVS 2008, SVN, Seapine TestTrack Pro, TestLog, SVN, Mantis BTS.


Management and tracking tools:
      –        daily status call;
      –        daily status report;
      –        weekly updated project plan and budget;
      –        weekly status call;
      –        weekly status report;
      –        web access to Bug Tracking System;
      –        YouTrack.
Engagement model: Project implementation on Time and material base.
Development methodologies:  Modified Waterfall.
6 person project for 3+  years, June 2013 – till now.


IT security service provider, USA.