Online fashion subscription service


Simpity have been engaged to establish a core dedicated development team to support client activities allowing for a retained knowledge base of complex technologies for continuing development activities.  One of benefits of this project was retaining a core team in which specialized technology knowledge is retained and Simpity was able to quickly add additional development resources to the core team to accelerate development. Establishing an Offshore Development Team including manpower, equipment, infrastructure, and address all legal requirements in the construction of Team.


Project account management
Management and staffing of resources
Bug fixing
Software deployment, installation and configuration
Conference call with CLIENT personnel


Ruby on Rails.


Management and tracking tools:
       –      daily scrum meetings;
       –      weekly Sprints;
       –      YouTrack.
Engagement model:  Offshore development Center.
Development methodologies: Agile (Scrum).
5 person project for 12 month, February  2012 – February 2013


Online fashion studio in California, USA.

“As CTO of Shoedazzle, I used Simpity as an offshore partner to augment our local developers team.
It was a great pleasure working with Simpity inc. We were slightly doubtful at first, but quickly realized that outsourcing can be great solution for any company looking for efficient, highly effective and affordable way of extending software development team given the right outsourcing partner. We found such a partner in Simpity. All deadlines were met, we were able to stay within the budget and all deliverables were of top notch quality.

During the whole engagement we always felt in complete control, I highly recommended this team!

Boris Droutman.