(Englisch) How to find such company or team, which in the future would become a reliable partner?

Outsourcing might appear as one of the best chance for small and large business. But here arises the issue with finding the right offshore company to outsource IT processes or software projects. And it’s not always so easy.

There could be few reasons for lack of success over here. The most frequent of them are:

  • misunderstanding requirements;
  • miscommunication;
  • lack of confidentiality;
  • no project management;
  • late deliveries;
  • inflexible engagement models etc.

Here are a few tips how to avoid the above listed mistakes or at least to minimize risks:

# 1 Define the Outsourcing Engagement Model fitting your Business needs (dedicated team, time and material, fixed price).

# 2 Sources where you find your Outsourcing Company (Google search, online marketplaces, referrals through friends and colleagues, references etc.)

# 3 Understand the Skills and Capabilities of the Company. Your outsourcing partner should be competent to bring the most excellent and the brightest on the table.

# 4 Consultation and Requirements Analysis. The most important stage of any project management is consultation or/and requirements analysis. This process gives a better understanding of the business concept and consulting the client to construct a right concept verification or solution. As a result, a detailed proposal is based on the right expectations.

Keeping in mind the above-listed pointers and staying clear of the common mistakes can help you find the best outsourcing team for your project which can also become a reliable partner and mark the beginning of successful business relationship.

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